27 JULI: WORKSHOP STUDIO RECORDING w/ Thomas Van Bogaert & Guests

Geschreven doorPieter jan -04 juli 2023

Een splinternieuwe Instapworkshop Studio-recording:

Resident van Het Lab Thomas Van Bogaert:
Gastsprekers: tba!

“We warmly invite songwriters and creative musicians to be part of a workshop in which songwriters and composers can share their idea’s on methods and broader subjects such as creativity and inspiration. We run trough a songwriters history with guest invite Dorian Chaillou (producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist) and many other local and international artists such as Flavia Clementi, Federico Bragetti, Alexander Declercq, Luka Missiaen,…

Instruments and studio-technique form a practical guide-line trough the workshop.”

Big love and see you then!”

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